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Skiing in the Eye of the Artist

Skiing in the Eye of the Artist


E. John B. Allen is the most recognized ski (art) historian in the world. For this book he has made an exclusive selection of international artists from 11 countries. The thirty-six images of skiing, paintings, drawings, lithographs, and caricatures span the years from 1867 to the early twenty-first century. They illustrate the art of skiing in its many forms. The texts give the social, political and economic background. Artists such as Edvard Munch, Roger Broders, Achille Beltram or the Austrians Dietmar Kainrath, Max Basis or Johannes Troyer are represented in this volume with their interpretations of skiing.

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    86 Seiten ∙ 13 x 19,5 cm ∙ Hardcover


    ISBN: ‎ 978-3-903183-22-3

    Preis: 14,9 €

    Autoren: E. John B. Allen

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